Why We Choose A line Wedding Dress

When you walk into the bridal boutique, you would fall in love with all kind of elegant wedding dresses, from ball gown to mermaid style. But if you want to be a princess on your big day, A line style would be your first choice. Why more and more brides-to-be vote A line? Here we will get the answers.

straight accross A line wedding dress

A-line wedding dresses are arguably the most ubiquitous of the bunch. An a-line dress is one in which the skirt flares out at the waistline, forming an “A” shape. The shape can be subtle, such as in the tea-length dress above, just barely billowing out from the waist. Or it can be far more crisp and “angular” as represented in the two dresses below.

There are so many things to love about this silhouette! It’s universally very flattering. If you are apple shaped, you may want a waistline that sits slightly higher, but other than that, these dresses are going to look lovely on every type of body. If you are a retro bride, look no further than the a-line for your wedding dress inspiration.

Because a-line dresses are such a classic look, they also can withstand a lot of detailing. Horizontal stripes would normally be verboten on a wedding dress, but on this silhouette (above, left) and the stripes’ low placement, it looks elegant and modern. And don’t let these tiers of fabric fool you – this is still totally an a-line silhouette. Want a traditional a-line for your wedding, but also love a more figure-flaunting gown? This dress is actually a fit-and-flare gown, but the lace “jacket” worn for the ceremony turns it into a faux a-line!

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