Why Suzhou Is Better Than Guangzhou When Wholesaling Wedding Gown

There are two cities you would know when trending to import wedding gown from China, one is Suzhou, and the other is called Guangzhou. Although Guangzhou is more famous than Suzhou, when mentioning the wedding dress, Suzhou would stand out. Why? Below are some reasons you should know, read on and hope these would help you.

one shoulder splited wedding dress

Suzhou’s factories are more but no MOQ. About more than 1000 wedding dress factories locate in Suzhou, most of them are no MOQ limits. Thus for numerous small and medium buyers, Suzhou’s factories are more attractive.

Materials are no longer restricted. There are many cloth and textile factories around by Suzhou, with reduction of in freight costs etc, raw materials are no longer be the main restrict factors of factory production.

More cheaper price. This is an important factor why Suzhou wedding dress factories are famous that also be criticized by many other factories in Guangzhou. Because many purchasers will get the Suzhou’s low price to bargain with Guangzhou factories, which cause many Guangzhou factories closed.

The local government support. Suzhou wedding dress export is supported by the local government, but Guangzhou wedding dresses export is small in the whole Guangzhou import and export trade, so there are no enough incentives to help local manufacturers.

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