Tips for Choosing the Right Flower Girl Dresses

Be it traditional or modern, a wedding just doesn’t seem complete without a flower girl preparing the bride’s path down the aisle with a gentle toss of rose or other petals from a basket. Although picking an appropriate dress for your flower girl isn’t too complicated, you must give the task just as much attention as you did when picking out your own dress. Here are some details you should consider which would help you find the wholesale flower girl dresses.

flower ball gown flower girl dress

Pick out the right style. The dress can be short or long, but it is always classically “little girl” in style. Certain styles work better in a big hotel ballroom, others on a beach, so keep that in mind as you shop. Our online fashion search includes flower girl apparel; so take some time to browse for the right look. If you need assistance,

Consider the season. Fabrics and colors for flower girl dresses vary greatly, consider the time of year. If yours is an autumn or winter wedding, rich fabrics such as velvet or velour are wonderful, not just for their beauty, but because they will keep the chills away. For footwear, choose a ballet slipper style in kid or patent leather; no high heels or styles that will be uncomfortable or difficult to walk in.

Make sure the color can fit the wedding theme. A flower girl’s dress should complement the bride’s. It can be white, or the same color as the bridesmaids dresses. If her dress is white, a colored floral accent may be used to tie it in with the bridesmaid dresses. We can arrange for almost any color matching for just the right look!

Is it comfortable for the child? No matter how precious the flower girl looks, if her dress and shoes are uncomfortable, it will be reflected in her face and behavior. Scratchy dresses and tight shoes have been responsible for everything from fidgeting to temper tantrums over the years, so take this issue seriously. Love a sleeveless dress we have but need sleeves? See all of our wonderful jackets that can be used again and again for different looks with other outfits.

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