Tips for Choosing Perfect Cocktail Dress

It is stunning when be invited into the wedding ceremony, but as the guest, choosing the right wedding guest dress would be necessary, here are some tips for you, read on and these would tell you how to choose the dress according to different wedding parties.

one shoulder purple cocktail dress

Formal. Generally speaking, the bride and groom will mention on their invitations how formal or informal their wedding will be. If the note says “formal” or “black-tie”, look for a very fancy dress. It may be long or short, but it needs to have a very classy design and it should be made from a high-quality fabric too. Also, don’t forget to match your dress with the season outside.

Casual. If the invitation says “casual”, you should definitely know that this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to wear whatever you want. Choose a dress that’s a bit more relaxed (such as a halter-top short dress made from a thinner fabric or with prints on it) and match it with fun, casual jewelry and shoes.

Cocktail. Somewhere in between “very formal” and “rather informal”, cocktail parties are stylish and full of elegance too. Your dress should be knee-length and it should be truly stylish too. We recommend choosing a beautiful color that suits you and a fabric that looks luxurious, but not too much over-the-top (some cheap cocktail dresses you would find at

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