Things You Should Do When Preparing for Bridesmaid Dress

The idea of shopping for women is usually positive because it means pretty, new things. Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses does mean pretty, new things too, but it’s not always as easy as first thought! Here are some sugggestions from Formal Shop every brides-to-be should know, read on and hope these would help you.

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Make an appointment in advance. If you have a big group, you must do this. Turning away brides and their besties is an awful feeling for the salon and also for the bridal party! Don’t make this mistake, make appointments so the salons are expecting you and are prepared for your visit. This will ensure that you can stick to your own personal schedule for the day and also that you and your gals will receive the utmost service from the boutique or salon.

Make a plan and know what you really need. This will ensure the best shopping experience. It will also give the consultant assisting you a better idea of your wedding and what you are looking for. This will save time and save your bridesmaids from trying on dresses that you would never pick in 100 years! Now, don’t get me wrong, it is pretty fun to experiment while bridesmaid dress shopping, but have an idea of what you are looking for.

Be flexible. If you find a dress you absolutely love and the next day the salon finds out this dress is back-ordered for 6 months, you need to stay calm. This back-ordered dress is one of many dresses that exist and if you were nice to your sales consultant during your visit, they will do their best to accommodate you with that exact dress or offering their expert advice on finding a similar style. There is a solution to every problem.

Be nice to your consultant. Their jobs are not easy and the nicer you are to them then the more comfortable they feel when they bestow their insider knowledge to you and your bridal party! This will also make the appointment feel more relaxed and easy going and FUN! Your sales consultant may work on commission but this is not always true. Do not treat the consultant as a server, they are so much more! The consultants’ priority is to help find you and your bridal party their dresses and offer their guidance and expertise along the way. Don’t forget this.

How to Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Easier

Have found your wedding dress? Now you can consider to choose the bridesmaid dresses, there are so many things you should consider when buying bridesmaid dress, and if you want to pick out the right one for your best friends, take the below things in mind.

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Be upfront about budgets: Bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack at stores like J.Crew or opt for custom designer frocks at high-end salons. Also don’t forget to factor in costs for alterations when setting your budget. Almost 75 percent of bridesmaids need to have their dresses altered.

Do some research online first: Know what type of look you’re going for before you start making appointments at salons and it’ll make the process so much easier. Every style of bridesmaid dresses can be seen online so research is easy (and fun!) to do and will save much time later.

Shop early for the best deal: You should start shopping for your bridal party at least seven to eight months before the big day. Not only is this less stressful for everyone, but you’re also more likely to be able to hit a sale or find a quarterly trunk show to order the dress and still have enough time to get it delivered without any last minute rushes.

Factor in more time than you think: Unless you are buying off the rack, you need to budget at least three months from when you place the order to when you get it. Many designers have their dresses cut overseas so it’s actually impossible for the boutique to expedite the process beyond a certain point. Orders for the entire bridal party are also placed at the same time to ensure quality control.

Have your bridesmaids professionally measured: Even though many bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, the customer is not getting a custom dress. Instead, ‘maids are measured and then fit into a preexisting size. Because each designer sizes differently, it’s important that each bridesmaid provide correct measurements in order to prevent problems later. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are not seamstresses. Ultimately the customer is on the hook for providing her correct measurements, so it’s very important that she also goes to a professional seamstress to get them taken.

Find Your Bridesmaid Dress


The bridesmaids dress may very well hold the title of being the single most contentious piece of clothing in the history of the universe. Its function is to not only make your bridesmaids look great, keep your theme consistent and satisfy your personal tastes, but also, to somehow help maintain- or even strengthen- your friendship with your bridesmaids. So, it’s quite a bit to juggle.

Consider Your Wedding Theme


If you’ve already chosen a theme for your wedding, use it as your compass for selecting bridesmaid dresses. You might love the look of red satin gowns, but this selection can look over-the-top at a casual outdoor wedding. If you’re still not sure of the style or color palette you’ll use for your wedding, you can use your bridesmaids’ dresses as an opportunity to narrow your selection and hone in on styles you like.

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is this dress practical for my wedding setting?
  • For example, lace is lovely, but might be doomed to fail at a rugged outdoor wedding.
  • Does this choice fit within my wedding theme?
  • Will this dress clash with my decorations?
  • Is this dress too similar to my own dress or to dresses worn by my mother, mother-in-law, or other members of the wedding party?

Consider Your Bridesmaids’ Style and Shape

If you spend a few minutes scouring the Internet, you’ll quickly find horror stories of brides who demanded that their best friends go on pre-wedding diets or who insisted on a change of hair color for a maid of honor. No matter how much you want your special day to look perfect, your friendships are more important than a particular color palette or dress (also, this behaviour is verifiably nuts). 

Choose dresses that will work with, not against, your bridesmaids’ figures and personal style. Read up on dresses that look good on each body type, then choose a dress that will be universally figure flattering. Similarly, if you know that if your bridesmaids are hopelessly modest, choose a style that they’ll feel comfortable- and hopefully, incredible- in. Steer clear of trendy pieces or styles that only work with a specific hair color or aesthetic. You love your bridesmaids for the unique contributions each of them has made to your life, and forcing them into a cookie cutter dress that doesn’t fit or suit them well doesn’t quite honor this love.

Get Your Bridesmaids Involved

Getting your bridesmaids in on the search can save you the trouble of a long, drawn-out dress search, and almost guarantees that you won’t end up fighting with your friends about what they wear on your big day. Contact your bridesmaids well in advance of the wedding to get a read on styles in which they feel comfortable. Try asking each to send you five dresses or five colors they love, then submit the ones you like to the group for final approval. Go shopping with your bridesmaids, and solicit their opinions. Perhaps most importantly, give each bridesmaid at least one veto so that she’s not stuck wearing a dress that makes her feel awful.

Try a Less Traditional Choice

More and more brides are steering clear of the matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses of yesteryear. Rather than selecting a single dress, try picking a colour, then allowing each bridesmaid to pick her dress. This strategy usually works best if you’re buying dresses from the same manufacturer. Alternatively, try selecting dresses you love in three or four different colors and styles, then allow each of your lovely ladies to choose the one she likes the best. A varied colour palette can look smashing in photos, and allows each bridesmaid to be an individual. No matter what dress you choose and no matter how good – or bad – each of your friends looks at your wedding, make your friendships the priority. A single dress will not make or break your big day, but loving bridesmaids can. Your bridesmaids will be the people who help you into your own wedding dress, who bring you water when you’re parched, and who talk you down off of the ledge if you’re having a pre-wedding panic, and, maybe most importantly, hold your dress when you need to pee. Use dress shopping to cultivate, rather than destroy, your friendship, and you’ll guarantee yourself genuinely jazzed wedding day helpers.