Suggestions of Suzhou Wedding Dress Market

Do you want to import wedding garments from China then to resell? If you want to make money on wedding industry, Suzhou huqiu would be a good place to buy wholesale wedding dresses. There are some things you should know when buy wedding dress at Suzhou Huqiu wedding market, here we collect some suggestions for you, read on and hope these would help you.

Friendly advice:

Plan in advance: Shops that offer imported dresses, need 6-7 months to make a dress to your measurement. Other shops usually take 2-3 months.

Wear the right underwear and bring you own shoes: Most shops have some shoes but chances are that they won’t be the right style, height and size

Try many different styles and cuts before you make up your mind: One thing I learnt, it is very hard to judge a dress from the rack. Some beading or lace details can look a bit tacky on the rack but can add interest to a dress once worn.

Avoid this place if:

You’re looking for a very simple dress. Nothing is simple around here. Whether it was a long train, cheap-over-the-top diamond beading, or built-in puffy structures, there was always something wrong not simple.

You want something tailor made. I heard there are some tailors but in all shops I visited, only off-the-rack pieces were sold and the shopowners didn’t want to make any alterations. There are plenty of tailors in Shanghai , why bother with Suzhou so no need to go as far as Suzhou for the fitting.

You have no patience. This place is exhausting; you’ll have to go through a lot of horror dresses before you actually find something ok.

You’re not a big fan of wedding stuff. You’ll see a lot of big fat ugly dresses and might be disgusted altogether by this experience

– the smell of stinky tofu makes you want to kill yourself

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