Sample Order of Service for a Christian Wedding Ceremony

Weddings in all religions and regions are interesting. After all, it is a ritual that marks the unity of two people into a special bond forever! In this Buzzle article, we will tell you the order of events for a Christian wedding ceremony, which is quite simple yet beautiful.

Weddings are once in a lifetime covenant of love and commitment. These are one of those special moments in our lives that we want to make memorable for ourselves and for those attending it. A wedding ceremony can be the way we plan or wish it to be.

Manifesting the affection and devotion towards each other, and taking a bigger step into the future, not alone, but with the companion we choose to live our whole life with, we change this relationship into that of marriage―a sacred bond of chastity.

The main event in a Christian wedding includes an officiant (priest or minister) who asks for God’s blessings on the couple and their marriage. There are various kinds of ceremonies, with slight changes in the events.

Let us first consider a sample order of service for a basic Christian wedding ceremony outline.

There may or may not be an officiant offering a prayer service. Generally, these few events remain the same for any kind of Christian wedding ceremony.

Marriages are made in heaven they say, but to do it on earth, we need a celebration, don’t we? It depends on the couple to choose the kind of events they wish to add to their ceremony―be it basic or religious―the couple is blessed to live a happy married life, till death do them apart.

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