Rope And Corn Bran Rope Stripe Style Summer Bag

Satin is the preferred material of making dress, smooth silk texture in banquet light is shining, vision is a luxury. Moreover, silk is beautiful and just right, full of glossy light outside without publicity neither robbed cover the limelight but also highlight the beautiful image of the bridesmaid’s makeup.

Rope And Corn Bran Rope Stripe Style Summer Bag With TasselsBridesmaid bag choosing principle, the simplest way is assured that the pack should be the same color and the same material with dress, from the overall coordination of the clothing showed your wearing taste.

Attending wedding is often to wear more low-key, even want to wear plain or black, can add red color, with a little festivity, taking a red bag for wedding occasions. Handbag must be big enough to hold all red envelopes, the bride and groom and even the groomsman wallet phones. May not become visible, but with a large trapezoid bag the most suitable.

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