How to Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Easier

Have found your wedding dress? Now you can consider to choose the bridesmaid dresses, there are so many things you should consider when buying bridesmaid dress, and if you want to pick out the right one for your best friends, take the below things in mind.

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Be upfront about budgets: Bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack at stores like J.Crew or opt for custom designer frocks at high-end salons. Also don’t forget to factor in costs for alterations when setting your budget. Almost 75 percent of bridesmaids need to have their dresses altered.

Do some research online first: Know what type of look you’re going for before you start making appointments at salons and it’ll make the process so much easier. Every style of bridesmaid dresses can be seen online so research is easy (and fun!) to do and will save much time later.

Shop early for the best deal: You should start shopping for your bridal party at least seven to eight months before the big day. Not only is this less stressful for everyone, but you’re also more likely to be able to hit a sale or find a quarterly trunk show to order the dress and still have enough time to get it delivered without any last minute rushes.

Factor in more time than you think: Unless you are buying off the rack, you need to budget at least three months from when you place the order to when you get it. Many designers have their dresses cut overseas so it’s actually impossible for the boutique to expedite the process beyond a certain point. Orders for the entire bridal party are also placed at the same time to ensure quality control.

Have your bridesmaids professionally measured: Even though many bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, the customer is not getting a custom dress. Instead, ‘maids are measured and then fit into a preexisting size. Because each designer sizes differently, it’s important that each bridesmaid provide correct measurements in order to prevent problems later. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are not seamstresses. Ultimately the customer is on the hook for providing her correct measurements, so it’s very important that she also goes to a professional seamstress to get them taken.

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