How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Whether it be a long flirty chiffon bridesmaid dress or a strapless form-fitting satin gown, we believe there is the perfect dress for each and every bride, bridesmaid, and body type. While it may seem like a daunting task to find your ideal bridal party look, we’ve narrowed it down to a few simple steps. Check them out below.

Start With Color

You’ve got to begin your search somewhere and we recommend it begin with color. Eliminate the colors you know you don’t want and focus on the hues that you love. Use our color tool to narrow down your favorite color to a variety of hues. Once you’ve got a few options in mind, order three free swatches. Holding the swatch in your hand will better help you determine the exact color (and fabric!) you want for your bridesmaid dresses.

Figure Out Your Style

After you’ve selected the color, think about the general theme of your wedding. Is it formal or casual? Will it take place earlier in the day or later in the evening? Will the weather be warm or cold? It’s important to take these things into consideration. For example, a short coral halter dress in a flowing fabric feels more appropriate at a sunny beach side ceremony than it does at a snowy mountain reception. Your wedding’s theme should reflect the style of bridesmaid dress you select. Another thing for brides to think about is your friend’s body types and skin tones. You want your best friends to look radiant as they stand by your side, so why not offer them the chance to wear a pretty dress that is figure and skin-tone flattering?

Share in Your Showroom

You’ve got a good idea of the colors and styles you want to use, so go ahead and browse our extensive bridesmaid dress collection. When you come across a dress that might be the one, save it to your showroom. Invite your bridesmaids and other important loved ones (like your mom and future mother-in-law!) to check out the dresses you’ve saved. Have your bridesmaids let you know which dresses they like and dislike and narrow down the options from there.

Try It On

We want all of our Weddington Way bridesmaids to feel comfortable in the dresses they purchase, so be sure to take the time and try on your options. When you put the dress on, instead of agonizing over your flaws, focus on your favorite body parts. Do you have strong arms or lean legs? We hope you’re sporting a dress that shows them off! Selecting a dress that emphasizes your strengths will make you feel more confident. Never underestimate the power of body shapers like Spanx! Lastly, remember that every designer’s sizing is different. The size on your dress is just a number, if it upsets you, cut the tag out!

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