How to Choose Plus Size Wedding Dress

For plus size women, the journey of buying wedding gowns would be hard. Picture your wedding day. Imagine the dress. Got it? Ok, now what does it look like? Does it have long, lace sleeves or maybe a low, sexy back? Here we would tell you how to choose the right plus size wedding dress.

A line sheer wedding dress

Don’t worry about the size. Wedding dress sizes are wacky. More affordable brands will often use street sizes, pricier brands will often us “couture” sizes (code for teeny tiny, built for elves). In short, just ignore the number on the sizing tag.

Try to alter the dress and add sleeves. Lots of sleeveless (not strapless) dresses can be altered post-production to add a sleeve. Dresses can be shortened, support can be added. Don’t be afraid to ask if changes can be made, and don’t be afraid to ask how much it will cost (hint: it should be reasonable).

To buy your wedding dress online and get custom dress. If nothing works like you want it to work, well, that’s why God made a needle and thread. When navigating a world of sample sizes that don’t fit and sales people without tact, it can get easy to fall into the trap of. You can do better. Getting a custom dress made doesn’t mean breaking the bank, it just means doing some research.

Be Your Confident Self. This one is more philosophical, but it might be the most important. The people you encounter while wedding dress shopping? They’re working for you. If they’re doing a shitty job, that’s not on you. Take your dollars elsewhere to find your kick-ass dress. You are going to look beautiful on your wedding day, and your dress is out there waiting for you.

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