Exquisite Ivory Three-Meter Tulle Bridal Veil

The New Year is the prime time for marriage. In this year, Veil style is more and more fashionable, a small piece of gauze, allows the bride to become more charming, mysterious, romantic. How to choose the most beautiful and most suitable section? Now the veils have long type and short type, many styles.

Exquisite Ivory Three-Meter Tulle Bridal VeilLong veil is good or short veil is good. No conclusion. In fact, the wedding veil as the head of an important embellishment, the first choosing principle is based on the wedding dress style to match. The general principle is staggered with wedding dress length. If you choose a floor-length wedding dress, can choose 3-4 meters long veil, form a nice little tail behind, let marriage gauze appear extravagance and grand.

However, if you choose the long tail of the wedding dress, it is best not to use a long veil. Under normal circumstances, long trailing wedding decoration focus at the waist, hips, these sites often have many ornaments, too long veil will cover key, for this type of wedding dress, recommended that length does not exceed the waist.

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