Choose Right Necklace for Your Wedding Dress

Less is not always more.
Most women consider “less is more” as a golden rule for wearing the bridal jewelry. However, that’s not always true. You can aim to make an impact with a statement necklace, while keeping in mind not to over-accessorize.
From the moment you walk down the aisle, your bridal gown is the first thing everyone notices. So, the jewelry you opt for can either make or break the overall look. Even though finding the perfect gown can be a tough job, you still have to put all the pieces together for the big day, and selecting the right necklace is the first step. Let’s see what all you need to do in order to find a perfect match.

Choosing the Right Metal

Usually, many brides-to-be go for a pure white wedding gown. However, this isn’t true for all. Nowadays, more and more women are going towards the non-traditional. Remember Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and Anne Hathaway? They all wore pink wedding gowns. Now we’re not suggesting you try something so unusual, but you do have the option of not wearing an all-white gown. And to that, you need to know what type of metal will harmoniously suit your gown.

It’s highly essential to know that not every metal will work with every gown. The color of your wedding gown determines the exact type of metal you should be looking for when purchasing the necklace, and other jewelry and accessory pieces.

Choosing the Right Necklace for Your Neckline

In this section, we will go over some common and popular necklines that brides choose for their wedding gowns. We urge you try different styles, designs, and patterns of necklaces before you pick one that best suits your gown and personal taste.

Also known as boat neck or Sabrina neckline, a bateau neckline follows the natural curve of your collarbone. Since there is little space for your necklace, choose either a choker (one to five strands thick) or a matinee necklace. Both these styles look ravishing with a bateau, without crowding the neckline.

Providing a bit more space than the bateau, an off-the-shoulder neckline follows the line of your collarbone as well. For a subtle tone, you can wear a single- or double-stranded necklace, or go with a Y-drop necklace for that extra oomph.

The scoop is nothing but a U-shaped neckline that can be as deep as you want. Depending on how low the scoop is, choose a multi-strand necklace that will frame the top of your gown. You can even go with a Y-drop necklace or a choker, as per your preference.

As the name suggests, a square neckline looks like half of a full square. Although a simple single- or double-strand necklace will work wonderfully with this neckline, we want you to try something other than the traditional style. Go with a vintage choker, or better yet, a fabulous silver necklace like the one in the image.

This neckline neither has sleeves nor straps. A strapless gown is easy to accessorize because you can pair any style with it. Wear a collar, Y-drop, choker, single- or double-strand, or round necklace; they will all complement the neckline. Plus, you can experiment with some colored stones’ necklace to vivify your wedding look.

Although there are a few types of sweetheart necklines, this particular neckline doesn’t have straps and forms a heart shape at the bustline. Your natural instincts may point toward a choker, but you can wear a more extravagant necklace for the space offered by the neckline.

Note: Forgo a necklace if your gown has a one-shoulder, sheer, Queen Anne, halter, jewel, or asymmetrical neckline. Instead, opt for eye-catching earrings and/or oversize cuffs as your accessories.

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