Choose a suitable wedding veil to match with your wedding dress

Pick a good veil, the next problem is how to wear. In fact, this is quite an art, not only according to the hairstyle to wear, but also according to the figure of the bride. If you are a small girl, does not recommend the veil wear too low, otherwise it will make people look shorter.

Dreamlike Satin And Organza For The A-line Ruched Wedding DressHairstyle, now it’s popular with Korean hairstyle stress compiled from the upper to the lower. This kind of hairstyle should put the veil was low, even ignored veil, prominent hair feeling. If you choose to release, the veil is best ubiquitous ball from the top of the head, so easy to create a fantasy princess feeling.

New Style Tull Two-tier Wedding Veil With PearlsIf you want to create the feeling of a lady, preferably a disc a low bun put the veil worn on the head with a low position. This dress belongs to the Korean type bride appearance, appear dignified and elegant. Now, there is a very popular Hepburn head, namely in the head with a packet header, this type of hairstyle is suitable for wedding veil wearing under the veil of along the line.

Brides like the hair twisted to one side, this kind of hairstyle the best is to make wedding veil and hair remains in the same direction. So, in the white yarn against the background, hair will become much more beautiful.

Four Tier Wedding Veil With Imitation Pearls

Exquisite handmade embroidery and lace veil brought to stunning fashion sense. The lace wedding veil is most suitable with equally elegant and exquisite Baroque Princess wedding dress.

Four Tier Wedding Veil With Imitation PearlsLong multilayer veil fit alone, directly fixed to the back of the head, its rich administrative levels sense and Slim Fit Wedding dress curve is complement each other, Graceful appearance, simple wearing style is the most appropriate expression of the fluent, noble beauty.

Matching with the head and crown jewelry properly in the gentle yarn quality, can play a role in rendering the atmosphere, even with concise style common wedding dress, graceful and elegant temperament favorably.