Things You Should Consider Before Buying Wedding Dress

Wedding would be a stonemile for everyone, especially for the women, and choosing a right wedding dress must be one of the most important things listed in your memo. There are so many wedding dresses suppliers you would find, how to pick out the right one? Before your wedding dress shopping, these below things you should take in mind.

lace ball gown wedding dress

Think about your day, and what kind of wedding dress is most appropriate – a beach wedding vs. formal ballroom reception, winter vs. summer, outdoor ceremony vs. restaurant dinner for 25 etc. Different styles of wedding mean different styles of dress

Think about your body shape and personal style – consider all your choices, the style and shape of the wedding dress, necklines, length, waistlines, trains, sleeves and so on…

Do some couch-side research – spend a few days/weeks looking at magazines and wedding blogs before venturing to the shops. Clip the styles you like, create a scrapbook and a clear picture will start to emerge (pinterest is brill for this too)

Be realistic – you may trim and buff up for the wedding day, but you’re not going to grow 6 inches or lose 2 stone (well it’s unlikely) – think about what suits you, not what looks fab on someone else

Set a budget – the average wedding dress from a bridal boutique costs €1500 but there are much cheaper ways to find a dream dress, and you can also blow the bank if you want to. Agree an amount with your husband-to-be and stick to it. (Also remember to budget for shoes, accessories, bridesmaids etc)

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Picture your wedding day. Imagine the dress. Got it? Ok, now what does it look like? Does it have long, lace sleeves or maybe a low, sexy back? Is it a ballgown or a sleek fit-and-flare? No matter the silhouette, shape or fabric, the picture in your mind was probably of a gorgeous white wedding dress. But if you’re a bride who wants to turn tradition on its head, then we are here to tell you black has never been a better choice.

A line lace wedding dress

Invite no more than two or three people to go with you. Maybe it’s your mom, best friend, and mother-in-law—now is a good time to start bonding. When a bride comes in with an entourage, and everyone has an opinion, it’s difficult for her to express herself. Often she ends up not making a decision and will come back on her own another day.

Keep an open mind. More often than not, brides choose dresses that look nothing like the pictures they bring in, so try on everything the consultant brings you, even if it doesn’t look like “you.” Wedding gowns are made differently than regular dresses—they have layers and linings that pull you in in all the right places, so a style that doesn’t normally flatter you might be just the one for your wedding.

Choose the right color for your dress. Wedding dresses come in hundreds of shades of white. In terms of general categories, you’ll find “diamond white,” also known as “silk white,” and light, medium, and dark ivory, but these vary quite a bit depending on the designer. Most gowns don’t actually come in pure white, which is good because it washes out all but the darkest skin tones.

Pick out the right style which can accent you. Two styles I love right now are the one-shoulder dresses—think of Michelle Obama’s gorgeous, ivory inaugural gown—and the dresses with illusion necklines. The latter have a sheer fabric overlay that extends from bust to collar, providing some coverage while still looking sexy. Both styles are flattering on most brides, incredibly chic, and I predict they’ll stand the test of time.

Pay close attention to the fabric, making sure it’s not too shiny, scratchy, or heavy—even a multi-layered princess gown shouldn’t feel like it’s adding ten pounds to your frame. Also, because the embellishments on inexpensive dresses can sometimes be gaudy, I’d go with something simple and jazz it up with a great accessory, like a crystal belt, vintage broach, or silk flower pin. If you’re hunting for a true bargain, visit bridal salon websites to find out when they have trunk shows and sales.

Wedding Dress Advice for the Bride

Buying your own wedding dress can feel stressful enough, so imagine how overwhelming it can feel to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party. From dealing with various personalities to different taste preferences, brides often find the process more difficult than they anticipate. Here are some tips for choosing wedding dress, read on and hope these would help you.

knee length A line wedding dress

A bride should come to the bridal salon with no more than two to three people who are instrumental in helping with her decision. She should not bring the entire bridal party or she will lose focus.

A bride should try on and select a headpiece while making her gown decision. This will insure a complete look.

It is a nice idea to accessorize at the time of your gown purchase when the style of your dress is fresh in your mind. Bridal accessories can include shoes, jewelry, and handbags.

It is not a bad idea to wear your hair in the style you think you want to have on your wedding day. Doing so will help give you an idea of how the wedding veil and headpiece will look on you.

You might want to bring shoes with a comfortable heel height. This will help you determine the proper the length of your gown.

Always be open-minded and allow a knowledgeable bridal consultant to show you fashion. Don’t just say no – try it on. You have nothing to lose and may unexpectedly find your perfect wedding dress.

2017 New Styles of Wedding Dress

You need to ask yourself “What wedding dress is right for me?” at the start of your bridal preparation so that you will get your dream dress ready and going from the start. The shape of your body is a very important factor, as you will want to highlight your assets and hide your flaws. The best way to do this is to determine your shape and consider the details and fabrics that will help you decide just which dress is the best for you. Here are some fashion dress from Pinterest, take a look at them, and hope you like.

Sheer Lace Bodice Wedding Dress
Sheer Lace Bodice Wedding Dress
Sweetheart Lace Wedding Dress
Sheer Lace Bodice Wedding Dress
Back Lace A line Wedding Dress
Back Lace A line Wedding Dress
Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress
Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress
Off Shoulder Wedding Dress
Off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Tips for Choosing Wedding Dress

Buying your own wedding dress can feel stressful enough, so imagine how overwhelming it can feel to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party. From dealing with various personalities to different taste preferences, brides often find the process more difficult than they anticipate. Here are some suggestions you should know, read on and hope these would help you.

one shoulder empire wedding dress

Set a budget: Plan to spend about 10 percent of your overall budget on your dress. But consider this number a starting point. If fashion is more important to you than, say, flowers or music, increase your dress spending and scale back in other places, go easy on the gown and shell out for a great photographer or band if those are your top priorities.

Start shopping early: It takes about six to 12 months from the moment you place the order to when you can bring the gown home, so once you have that ring on your finger, it’s game on. The designer needs four or five months to make it, and then you’ll want to schedule three fittings, about one month apart. Giving yourself ample time also guarantees that you’ll be able to fit in a variety of shopping experiences, from appointments at bridal boutiques to designer trunk shows.

Do your search: Before you hit the shops, think about what kind of dress you want. Keep a folder where you can stash tear-outs, fabric samples, and anything else you love, and use your smartphone or tablet to swipe through Pinterest boards. In order to pull the right styles from the back, your consultant needs to get a feel for what you’re looking for. The more guidance you can provide, the better!

Don’t bring too many people with you: Less is more when it comes to companions. Bring one or two people whose input means the most to you. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time trying on gowns they picked out and steering the conversation back to what you want. If you can’t imagine not including all of your friends, invite them to your final fitting and make a dramatic entrance for the big reveal.

Take the right size: No two designer size charts are created equal. If you’re a size 6 in the ready-to-wear world, for example, you could be anything from a 2 to a 12 on planet bridal. It can be jarring to see a larger number on the order form than you’re used to, but resist the urge to get a smaller size. Taking in a gown is easy; letting it out is difficult.

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Correct Order of a Wedding Processional

It starts with love, then comes the engagement and finally your marriage. Marriage is not just about two people, it comes with a flock of loved ones grinning down the wedding altar. To plan a wedding which runs beautifully, here is a lesson regarding the order of a traditional wedding processional. It starts with the bride’s mom and ends with the bride.

Brides generally stand to the left of the groom because in  England, grooms often had to fight for their brides. So brides stood on the left so that he could use his sword arm freely.

Wedding is all about having fun and enjoying the day because this day never comes back in a bride and groom’s life. To make it all perfect, often people hire wedding planners who take the responsibility to look after everything from scratch.

However, maximum attention and time is spent in planning an extraordinary reception. People tend to overlook that it’s the ceremony that matters most. A reception is a reason to celebrate what happened in the ceremony where two people took vows to spend the rest of their lives together. There are plethora of details which go into coordinating a wedding, and a wedding procession is one such major detail. After all nobody wants to do the tango while walking down the aisle.

Watching the bride walk down the aisle towards the love of her life is a major highlight of any wedding ceremony. But the procession is incomplete without her mother, bridal party, groom’s family, and the officiant. They all help to prepare the altar before the bride can amaze the people with her grand entrance.

Mostly personal preference or religious traditions guide the correct order of a wedding processional. This is the moment where everybody walks down the aisle and takes their place for the ceremony. As the guests begin to arrive they are greeted by the ushers, who show the guests their seats. Usually the bride’s family occupies the seat on the left side of the aisle, while the groom’s family on the right side. The processional order can be quite confusing, so in the upcoming sections we will guide you as to who should be walking when to make sure your bridal march runs hassle-free.

In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the bride’s side is on the right and the groom’s side is on the left, unlike Christian wedding ceremony. Both the bride and groom’s parents stand under the Chuppah during the function. The bride’s guests take their seats on the right side and the groom’s on the left side facing the altar. Grandparents, siblings cover the first pews. However, if the parents of either bride or groom are divorced and remarried their respective spouses sit in the second and third pews.

These really small details are to be considered to make your wedding more special and memorable. They say that in a very customary wedding, the bride takes seven rounds around her groom, because in Hebrew scripture it’s written, “And when a man takes a wife” seven times. There are many interpretations that explain why circling the groom is an important ritual, one version being – it took God seven days to manifest a universe. Some other traditions have both the bride and the groom circle each another three times to symbolize the intertwining of two lives.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips You Should Know

There are so many things you should consider when buying your wedding gown, from the fabric to the price. If you want to pick out the right gown, now you should take the below things in mind, read on and hope these would help you.

sweetheart ruching ball gown wedding dress

 Ball Gown Wedding Dresses from

Do you research and figure out your budget. We meet a lot of brides who have started dress shopping with a figure in their heads and have quickly upped it when they’ve realised what they get for their money. There’s a lot of fabric in a wedding dress, and good quality fabric comes at a cost. Do your research. When you see a wedding dress you like the look of in a blog or magazine, ring the shop and find out the price. Once you have an idea of how much you’re going to spend, call the shops you have your eye on and make sure your price range fits with theirs.

Have a budget and stick to it. This is to keep your shopping experience enjoyable and positive and, ultimately, to help you find a dress. Yes, you want to try on the most expensive dress in the shop – of course you do, it’s beautiful – but what will you do if you like it more than any other dress you try? It’s very unlikely that you’re going to buy it. It’s more likely you’ll get depressed. Everyone has a budget, even if you don’t think you do. Try and establish what you’re seriously prepared to spend up to, and stick to it.

Trust your sales consultant and ask question as more as possible. No-one knows the dresses better than the person helping you. When you’re approaching the end of your consultation and you’ve ‘quite liked’ some but haven’t gone crazy over any, and your friends are running round plucking more off the rails that they like but have no idea what they look like on, turn to the lady helping you and ask ‘what would you recommend?’. If she knows her stuff she should, at that point, be able to suggest something that ticks most or all of the boxes, but that you didn’t necessarily pick out at the beginning of the consultation.

White V Neckline Bowknot Adorable Bridal Gown

Because on the day of the wedding, the bride stand all day, greet guests, you should choose comfortably wedding shoes. Not only the marriage shoes, handbags choice is also very important, retro fashion once again swept over, the major brands have introduced various styles of vintage handbag.

Designer White V Neckline Bowknot Adorable Bridal GownThe elegant dark metal clasp dovetail section of the package is compact and competent, and attractive. In addition, the purchase of necklace also pays attention to match with your own face. If your wedding dress style is very simple, you can pick some slightly overhangs jewelry played dotting role can not be exaggerated.

If wedding dress style is very complicated, has a lot details, then more simple jewelry the better. If your collar line with a lot of lace decorated, do not wear a necklace, a cute earrings is enough.

Beading Straps Satin Bridal Gown

Because the wedding dress style has been basically established, so even if during the wedding dress production, also can go to buy which can be used matching accessories, including shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Beading Straps Cheap Satin Bridal Gown The best preserved a wedding style comp, in this way with friends or bridesmaids to choose, all used as reference. The face is one of the main basis for selection of earrings, jewelry worn on the face can play a reasonable balance modifying function. Pour trigonometry face jaw comparison point, suitable to wear modeling drop-shaped.

Triangular face narrow forehead and chin width two, adapted to be worn down with style earrings, can be elongated shape; the circular face don’t wear Circular Earrings, which will make your face look more round more large; can choose long drop earrings to the elongated type sight, at the same time, we should try to make earrings close to her face.

Strapless White Sequined Organza Wedding Dress

The perfect wedding was a symbol of eternal love.Put on a wedding dress; the bride is the most beautiful princess in the world. Wearing only your own beautiful wedding dress,let the dress looks perfect.

Strapless White Sequined Organza Bridal GownThe traditional wedding long to the ground,spread like an umbrella skirt, many girls are eager to wear,but when the wedding salute is not convenient.Too long and too fluffy would cause appeared to be very short and cumbersome.Wedding dress with different length,visual effect is also different.

Fingerless Wedding Gloves With Embroider BeadedFor a lawn, beach and other semi formal wedding,this is a very good choice.Because wedding dress is more appeared in the closing-body tailoring, So tall and shapely bride wearing will be more demonstrate figure,but if the crotch is relatively wide,not tall or relatively plump bride,best not to choose.