Choosing the Right Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”
―Paris Hilton

Petite or slender, no matter what your body shape, you can sizzle the prom night with a dress that is a perfect fit for your figure. Take a look at the options given in this Buzzle article to help you find the right dress to flatter your figure.

Ever wondered why a particular dress looks good on certain people but the same just falls boringly on you? Well, the answer to this is as simple as understanding that not every one is made alike. Apart from the distinguishing features, each individual is blessed with a different body type. That said, it’s time you determined what is your body shape.

Are you a triangle or a rectangle? Do you have the coveted curves that make an hour-glass figure, or are you simply busty? Understanding your body type is one of the easiest way to find a dress that will not just flatter your figure but also make you look fabulous and attractive. Basically, understanding your body shape works to your advantage by allowing you to accentuate your coveted features, while down playing the negative aspects of your shape. So, whether you are curvy, busty, slender, petite, or blessed with a generous bottom, you are sure to find a dress that will make you look stunning for the prom.

Simply put, if you have a fuller bust, a wide waist, teamed with slender arms, legs, and hips you are an apple-shaped body. Your broad shoulders and heavier bust is what makes your upper body noticeably larger than the rest of your body.
Tips to flaunt your full figure
Draw attention away from your mid-section by accentuating your dress just below the bust area. You can very well carry an empire waist dress, or an A-line dress to draw attention to your bust. Thanks to your fuller body, you can pull off square, scoop, sweetheart, plunging or V-necklines very well. Avoid clingy or stiff dresses that will draw attention to your middle. Accentuate your slender arms and broad shoulders with a strapless dress, and stay away from puffy sleeves and full-sleeved dresses. Show off your slender legs with a short A-line dress or a short empire waist dress.

How to Make Prom Corsages

The age-old tradition of going to the biggest dance event in a teenager’s life, prom comes with some specific preparations for guys and girls. The article concentrates on prom corsages, the final touch to your big night.

Prom, short for promenade, is a formal black tie dance where high school students, at the end of their junior or senior year, in the US and Canada come together for the night. No outfit is complete without matching corsages for the couple that are going to the dance together. The tradition is that the boy will get the corsages with him, and place it over the girl’s wrist when he comes to pick her up.

There are two major components―real flowers and ribbons. You can find tons of beautiful colors, both in flowers and ribbon to match the outfits. Depending on the season (because carnations and roses are so outdated), you have varied choices between lavender, lilies, daisies, and orchids. Typical flower corsages have 3―4 fresh flowers with a few baby’s breath and colorful ribbon.

Making the Corsage at Home

Materials Needed

Fresh flowers―roses, carnations, and lilies
Colorful ribbon
Decorative wire
Rubber band
Baby’s breath
Corsage pin

Step #1: Hold the flowers and baby’s breath together to tie around the decorative wire. Keep less than an inch of stem in the bottom and cut the rest with the scissors.

Step #2: With the ribbon (color your choice), wrap the stems in the bottom with the middle part of the ribbon and secure it with the help of a rubber band. The band will approximately an inch above the bottom.

Step #3: Wrap the rest of the ribbon to cover the band and the stems of each flower. The ribbon’s end will stay dangling at the bottom (same length as the first end).

Keep the corsage in the refrigerator with clean misted water till you need to use it from the dance. Make hand corsages on the day of the event so that the flowers are fresh for the evening. Once you wear the prom corsages, peel couple of petals off the roses to make it look clean. Try not to over-mist the flowers, otherwise you’ll end up with watermarks on the petals. You can also make colorful corsages for your friends, if you all are going together, and mix and match with your outfits. Have fun!

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