Five Classic Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother’s day may be over, but our newsfeed has stayed packed with praise for the women who raised us. And rightfully so! After decades of eating cold meals and hundreds of conjoined trips to the bathroom, she’s still your anchor, your rock, your everything.

She has a special place in your heart and an extra special place in your wedding! When no ordinary look will do, we have just the fix. Here are five classic mother of the bride dresses from Sposadress, look at them and hope you like.

1. High Quality Off-the-shoulder Long A-line Mother Of The Bride Dress

off the shoulder red mother of the bride dress
2. Junoesque V-neck Long Red A-line Mother Of The Bride Dress With Short Sleeves

red mother of the bride with sleeves
3. Unique V-neck Wrinkled A-line Mother Of The Bride Dress With Short Sleeves

red mother of the bride with short sleeves
4. Exclusive Square Neckline And Short Sleeves For The Mother Of The Bride Dress

scoop mother of the bride with short sleeves
5. Silver A-line Square Neck Chiffon Short Mother Of Bride Dress With Sleeves

short grey mother of the bride dress with long sleeves

Tips for Choosing Elegant Formal Dresses

It is the time to shop for your school formal dress, have you prepared for it? There are thousands of formal dresses online you would find, but if you want to pick out the right dress at affordable price, it would be very hard. Then how to find the right dress? Don’t worry, follow the below suggestions, these would help you.

sweetheart splited evening dress

Set a clear budget: Setting a clear budget, that takes alterations into consideration, is the best way to start looking for a dress. There are stores for every kind of budget from the most expensive to the least, but be prepared for not all dresses are tailored to every girl (being 5’0’’ this is a well-known fact) and some alterations may cost more depending on the fabric and embellishment of the dress.

Do your research in advance: This lets you find what dresses work with your body type, simpler dresses that you may fall more in love with than the extravagant gowns, and for some satisfies their mother’s need to put them in those atrocious, who-designed-that gowns. Visit places you may not expect to find formal gowns as well, even a bridesmaid dress is beautiful and works great for prom, plus many bridal stores carry a “Prom” or “Special Occasions” department.

Research a place for alterations: There are some stores that won’t trim your dress because it is too elaborate, or they charge outrageous prices. Take your time, especially if you know you are going to need it, and look for someone who will fix the dress for a fair price.

Shopping online: A tiny screen shot of a dress doesn’t do it justice and when it arrives on your doorstep you may find yourself reconsidering. Sometimes you find hidden gems when shopping online but unless you know for certain that the gown will fit you most definitely, try to find a place where you can try it on, or if you can’t measure yourself anywhere and everywhere.

Bring someone with you: I learned from experience that bringing along women who are very opinionated aren’t exactly the best to bring along. They tend to make the experience more about them and less about you. For some, it’s a magical experience where they really want to bring their mother or their dad along and make it like a fairy tale. Others would rather mom just hand them the enchanted piece of plastic and hit the mall on their own, or with friends.

Things You Should Do When Preparing for Bridesmaid Dress

The idea of shopping for women is usually positive because it means pretty, new things. Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses does mean pretty, new things too, but it’s not always as easy as first thought! Here are some sugggestions from Formal Shop every brides-to-be should know, read on and hope these would help you.

one shoulder bridesmaid dress

Make an appointment in advance. If you have a big group, you must do this. Turning away brides and their besties is an awful feeling for the salon and also for the bridal party! Don’t make this mistake, make appointments so the salons are expecting you and are prepared for your visit. This will ensure that you can stick to your own personal schedule for the day and also that you and your gals will receive the utmost service from the boutique or salon.

Make a plan and know what you really need. This will ensure the best shopping experience. It will also give the consultant assisting you a better idea of your wedding and what you are looking for. This will save time and save your bridesmaids from trying on dresses that you would never pick in 100 years! Now, don’t get me wrong, it is pretty fun to experiment while bridesmaid dress shopping, but have an idea of what you are looking for.

Be flexible. If you find a dress you absolutely love and the next day the salon finds out this dress is back-ordered for 6 months, you need to stay calm. This back-ordered dress is one of many dresses that exist and if you were nice to your sales consultant during your visit, they will do their best to accommodate you with that exact dress or offering their expert advice on finding a similar style. There is a solution to every problem.

Be nice to your consultant. Their jobs are not easy and the nicer you are to them then the more comfortable they feel when they bestow their insider knowledge to you and your bridal party! This will also make the appointment feel more relaxed and easy going and FUN! Your sales consultant may work on commission but this is not always true. Do not treat the consultant as a server, they are so much more! The consultants’ priority is to help find you and your bridal party their dresses and offer their guidance and expertise along the way. Don’t forget this.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Gown

Picture your wedding day. Imagine the dress. Got it? Ok, now what does it look like? Does it have long, lace sleeves or maybe a low, sexy back? Is it a ballgown or a sleek fit-and-flare? No matter the silhouette, shape or fabric, here Formal Shop collects some helpful tips for choosing wedding dresses australia, hope these can help you.

v-neck A line wedding dress

Set a budget in advance. There’s no doubt about it; a wedding dress will most likely be the most expensive dress that you will ever wear by a long shot. The entire wedding outfit, which includes the dress, undergarments, shoes, veil, and other accessories accounts for about ten to fifteen percent of the entire wedding costs. Remember, this does not even include alterations, which can be pricey as well, and shipping costs. Determine your wedding dress budget so that you do not find a dress that you love that is way over your budget.

Take the location in mind. Before shopping for your wedding dress, you want to consider the type of location of your wedding venue. For instance, if you are getting married on the beach, you do not want to purchase a wedding dress with a long train that will drag along the sand. On the other hand, if your wedding is in the evening, you want to find a dress that is formal and avoid any casual or short dresses. Also consider the time of year that your wedding will occur; some fabrics are more suited for warmer weather and some are better for colder weather.

Shopping early is necessary. We recommend shopping for that dress six to nine months before your wedding. Wedding dress manufacturers take about four months to make a dress, and your alterations could take another two months. If you want a very elaborate wedding dress, it will take even longer to complete the details.

Research what you like. Are you unsure of where to begin with wedding dresses? Take a look at bridal magazines to see what types of dresses appeal the most to you. If you see something you like, save it in a folder so that you know what to look out for when you go shopping.

How to Choose Plus Size Wedding Dress

For plus size women, the journey of buying wedding gowns would be hard. Picture your wedding day. Imagine the dress. Got it? Ok, now what does it look like? Does it have long, lace sleeves or maybe a low, sexy back? Here we would tell you how to choose the right plus size wedding dress.

A line sheer wedding dress

Don’t worry about the size. Wedding dress sizes are wacky. More affordable brands will often use street sizes, pricier brands will often us “couture” sizes (code for teeny tiny, built for elves). In short, just ignore the number on the sizing tag.

Try to alter the dress and add sleeves. Lots of sleeveless (not strapless) dresses can be altered post-production to add a sleeve. Dresses can be shortened, support can be added. Don’t be afraid to ask if changes can be made, and don’t be afraid to ask how much it will cost (hint: it should be reasonable).

To buy your wedding dress online and get custom dress. If nothing works like you want it to work, well, that’s why God made a needle and thread. When navigating a world of sample sizes that don’t fit and sales people without tact, it can get easy to fall into the trap of. You can do better. Getting a custom dress made doesn’t mean breaking the bank, it just means doing some research.

Be Your Confident Self. This one is more philosophical, but it might be the most important. The people you encounter while wedding dress shopping? They’re working for you. If they’re doing a shitty job, that’s not on you. Take your dollars elsewhere to find your kick-ass dress. You are going to look beautiful on your wedding day, and your dress is out there waiting for you.

How to Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Easier

Have found your wedding dress? Now you can consider to choose the bridesmaid dresses, there are so many things you should consider when buying bridesmaid dress, and if you want to pick out the right one for your best friends, take the below things in mind.

long mint bridesmaid dress

Find More Mint Bridesmaid Dresses

Be upfront about budgets: Bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack at stores like J.Crew or opt for custom designer frocks at high-end salons. Also don’t forget to factor in costs for alterations when setting your budget. Almost 75 percent of bridesmaids need to have their dresses altered.

Do some research online first: Know what type of look you’re going for before you start making appointments at salons and it’ll make the process so much easier. Every style of bridesmaid dresses can be seen online so research is easy (and fun!) to do and will save much time later.

Shop early for the best deal: You should start shopping for your bridal party at least seven to eight months before the big day. Not only is this less stressful for everyone, but you’re also more likely to be able to hit a sale or find a quarterly trunk show to order the dress and still have enough time to get it delivered without any last minute rushes.

Factor in more time than you think: Unless you are buying off the rack, you need to budget at least three months from when you place the order to when you get it. Many designers have their dresses cut overseas so it’s actually impossible for the boutique to expedite the process beyond a certain point. Orders for the entire bridal party are also placed at the same time to ensure quality control.

Have your bridesmaids professionally measured: Even though many bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, the customer is not getting a custom dress. Instead, ‘maids are measured and then fit into a preexisting size. Because each designer sizes differently, it’s important that each bridesmaid provide correct measurements in order to prevent problems later. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are not seamstresses. Ultimately the customer is on the hook for providing her correct measurements, so it’s very important that she also goes to a professional seamstress to get them taken.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Wedding Dress

Wedding would be a stonemile for everyone, especially for the women, and choosing a right wedding dress must be one of the most important things listed in your memo. There are so many wedding dresses suppliers you would find, how to pick out the right one? Before your wedding dress shopping, these below things you should take in mind.

lace ball gown wedding dress

Think about your day, and what kind of wedding dress is most appropriate – a beach wedding vs. formal ballroom reception, winter vs. summer, outdoor ceremony vs. restaurant dinner for 25 etc. Different styles of wedding mean different styles of dress

Think about your body shape and personal style – consider all your choices, the style and shape of the wedding dress, necklines, length, waistlines, trains, sleeves and so on…

Do some couch-side research – spend a few days/weeks looking at magazines and wedding blogs before venturing to the shops. Clip the styles you like, create a scrapbook and a clear picture will start to emerge (pinterest is brill for this too)

Be realistic – you may trim and buff up for the wedding day, but you’re not going to grow 6 inches or lose 2 stone (well it’s unlikely) – think about what suits you, not what looks fab on someone else

Set a budget – the average wedding dress from a bridal boutique costs €1500 but there are much cheaper ways to find a dream dress, and you can also blow the bank if you want to. Agree an amount with your husband-to-be and stick to it. (Also remember to budget for shoes, accessories, bridesmaids etc)