10 Cool Wedding Send-off Ideas

Since everything about a wedding has to be just perfect, the last ceremony counts too! If you don’t want the guests to toss rice and wave off the newlyweds, there are plenty of other wedding send-off ideas that you can substitute confetti with.

Plan for a wedding send-off that does not make cleaning up later a nightmare! Know the venue, make sure your send-off idea is workable and permitted, and be creative accordingly.

Streamers, either in one or more colors, would simply put the wedding send-off into a celebration mode. Cool and hassle-free to gather back later.

A ‘sparkler send-off’ wins the best nontraditional wedding send-off idea. You can imagine the sheer joy that they bring with them. With a sparkling exit, the couple is sure to have a bright life ahead.

Choose a flower you like to get showered in, with beautiful scents along with it. It could also be leaves with an exquisite fall color scheme, for an autumnal wedding.

Be childlike and make your guests blow soap bubbles as you make the exit. Fun to blow, bubbles also get you some awesome pictures to cherish for your lifetime.

Balloons always work great for special occasions. A nice red or pink one in a heart-shape is the prettiest wedding send-off idea. For the evenings, you can also think of using Chinese lanterns, as they light up the whole sky.

If you are wondering what to throw at weddings, instead of confetti, here is an idea. Get soft and vibrant pom-poms to add a fun element to the send-off. Or, if it is a beach wedding, go for mini beach balls. They look simply amazing.

Wedding ceremony exits can be made unique with some craftsy ideas like paper planes. Pick light shades of paper and make elegant planes out of it. Planes soaring up high around the newlywed bride and groom will make them feel perfect for a send-off.

If you have the time, you can make these cool-looking ribbon wands even at home. For a cool wedding send-off, pair a few light pink strands with a white one. It’s a promise that they will look magical.

Soft and light, feathers make one of the cutest wedding send-off ideas. Make the two feel love is actually in the air.
For an evening send-off, keep a bunch of glow sticks for the guests to pick up, and enjoy lighting a fluorescent arch over the couple saying goodbye.

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